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Bare Walls Are Overrated

(BAD) Blog About Design: Bare Walls Are Overrated

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bare Walls Are Overrated
Bare walls are overrated. Give your walls a life, let them breathe, add a painting. Paintings are a great way to add personality into a room. Paintings evoke emotion, as well as discussion. By placing a fantastic painting on your walls you’ll have given your room a conversation piece. Don’t worry about only placing abstract paintings in a modern space or oil paintings in a traditional space. Mix and match. The best rooms are the ones that can change the way we view art. Going to an antique store or flee market is one of the best ways to score a great piece of art at a great price. If a painting that you fall in love with is in a crap frame don’t worry. You can always have it reframed. Try placing a contemporary frame on a traditional painting (Van Gogh, De Vinci) and a traditional frame on an abstract/cubist painting (Picasso, Dali). You can add as little or as many paintings to your walls as you want. Don’t follow rules, just do.

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