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Fashion Meets Design: Natural Materials

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fashion Meets Design: Natural Materials

This beautiful Living Room was designed by Paul Caddell. I love the natural look and clean design of this space. The wide planked wood floors have a wonderful rich color and texture. Floors that have scratches or stain marks have a wonderful charm to them, they bring character to a space. Despite the minimal furniture, and lack of a rug, and pillows, the space still feels inviting because, wood makes a space feel warm. The mirror in between the two windows was a great idea as it makes the Living Room appear larger.

Create This Look In Your Home:
Whether you buy these items or ones at a cheaper cost, the key to recreating the look of this Living Room in your home is to bring in wood, and neutral colors. Wood can be brought in through furniture, wall art work, and sculptures. Neutral colors can be brought in through wallpaper, and paint. The 1950s Nanna Ditzel white arm chair is from Almond Hartzog Gallery. The chair itself resembles the arm chairs in the Living Room. The chair legs, resemble the floors, case piece, and wood sculpture in the space. The Bronze Bull's-eye mirror is from Maison Gerard. The branch design of the mirror is why I choose it, as it resembles the branch sculpture located to the right of the space as well as the materials. The 1960s Sculptural Chest of Drawers is from Astor Place. The piece is made of wood and it resembles the one in the Living Room located adjacent the windows. The Tear Drop Sputnik is from Venfield, it resembles branches as well as the chandelier that is seen in the mirror. You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.

Dress It Up This Way:

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