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My Three Tips: To A Well Styled Coffee Table

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Three Tips: To A Well Styled Coffee Table
Tip #1: Have A Conversation Piece 
A great 1960s vase or 18th century sculpture is the perfect centerpiece for any coffee table. Head over to your favorite vintage shop or local home accessories store and select a centerpiece for your coffee table, that has some meaning to you. Be sure the centerpiece fits into the overall design of your space. When guests ask about the centerpiece you'll have the perfect story!   

Tip #2: Add Flowers    
Flowers are the perfect way to add some life to your space. Cherry Blossoms are my favorite, and you'll always spot some in my home. Select a bouquet of flowers for your coffee table that you love. You want to be sure the flowers are fresh and are in the right vase. Four flowers in a large vase looks quite silly, so be sure the vase doesn't eat the flowers!

Tip #3: Be Wary of Clutter & Scale  
Having too much clutter on your coffee table is a big no-no. Selecting two to three pieces is the perfect amount of accessories for your coffee table. You want to be sure that you don't have all tall pieces or all short pieces on your coffee table. For example, if you buy a large centerpiece be sure to buy a smaller vase for your flowers. By keeping the scale of your accessories balanced your coffee table will have the right amount of style. 

(ABOVE) I love this coffee table styled by Kelly Wearstler. The beautiful diamond jewelry against the leopard print table, creates the perfect conversation. Using jewelry as a coffee table accessory is a great way to add some unexpected glamour. Buy a tray and place a few of your favorite pieces for a little shine and sparkle. (BELOW 1) I choose this Living Room because, of the beautiful Cherry Blossoms and right scaling. Because the flowers are larger, the smaller accessories create the right balance. I also like the simple legs of the table, they work beautifully with the traditional mantle. (BELOW 2) Buying a few coffee tables or one with multiple surfaces like the one below, is a great choice. Having a few coffee tables is a practical idea as its easier to move a smaller table, then a larger one. Be sure to place your larger accessories on the middle tables and smaller accessories on the outer tables, for the perfect balance. (BELOW 3) Buying a fun coffee table is always a great choice. I love this checkered coffee table. Checkered coffee tables can work in many different types of spaces. What do you love about these spaces? You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.



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