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Tim Biskup's Pixel Art

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tim Biskup's Pixel Art
California based artist, Tim Biskup has an eye for creating vibrant artwork. With a punch of "mid-century modern design infused with a healthy dose of punk rock energy" (Biskup), Biskup uses his experiences to inspire his pixel artwork. (ABOVE) "Walk with Bob", love the range of shapes and color choices. The way the shapes are angled, creates a cool 3D affect. (BELOW 1) "Asylum #4", great usage of colors. The hair really stands out as different shapes create the hair do. (BELOW 2) "Cyclops Armory", this abstract art piece allows the viewer to envision the subject. Could it be a lion, tiger, etc,.? (BELOW 3) "Philum Raptor", the owl stands out as it does not have the pixel technique. Love the detail of the owl, especially the wings. What do you think of Tim Biskup's work?



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