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The Edge Effect

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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Edge Effect
"The Edge Effect", photographed by Daniel Kukla around Joshua Tree National Park is a series of square mirrors propped on easels. The mirrors are reflecting the horizon behind Kukla. (ABOVE) Looking at these two palm trees its difficult to picture such a wonderful mountain view. (BELOW 1) I love this shot. The way the mirror is situated makes it appear that the tree branches are extending onto the canvas. What a clear sky! (BELOW 2) Rain is coming! I love when I'm driving into a storm and see the dark clouds in front and the light sky behind. Such a wonderful contrast. (BELOW 3) This photograph appears that the rock is extending itself onto the canvas. The way in which the mirror is photographed makes it appear that the boulder is three dimensional. What great texture. What do you think of Daniel Kukla's work?



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