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Castle Design: Egeskov Castle

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Castle Design: Egeskov Castle
Egeskov Castle is a 14th century castle located in Denmark. The castle is Europe's best preserved Renaissance water castle. The castle is constructed on oaken piles and located in a small lake to fortify it due to general civil unrest. (ABOVE) The round-arched windows and gabled roof are stunning. I love the ivy growing up the left side of the wall. There is a large lawn around the house, that is beautifully landscaped. (BELOW 1) The castle looks like a university. I love the Lilly pads and cobblestone driveway. The driveway was added on later. (BELOW 2) Originally the only way to get to the castle was via a drawbridge which can be seen here. I love the topiaries and long drive up to the castle. (BELOW 3) I love this photograph, the sunset setting on the brick, captures the beauty and age of the brick. The brick roof looks like two cathedrals. The water is crystal clear, what a fabulous reflection. What do you think of the castle?

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