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Own One Good Set Of Fine China

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Own One Good Set Of Fine China
Whether your hosting a formal event or eating dinner as a family dishes are being used. While some dishes are inexpensive and more often used, others are fine china. Don’t be the guy or girl who always whips out the plastic. Own one good set of fine china. I have been to my fair share of family Christmas parties where the only china being used was Chinet. Not only is china the only dinnerware for formal occasions, but it’s also a wonderful piece of art. Invest in china that has meaning to you, and display it. Don’t just look for the cheapest china you can find. Whether you inherit it from grandma or purchase it from Bergdorf Goodman make sure it’s something you can pass down. When on your hunt for china don’t let trends or your interior decor determine the color or style. Lastly, when setting up your table don’t feel as though you can’t mix and match china from different sets. If the colors create a story then use them. You can buy as little or as much China as you want. Don’t follow rules, just do.

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