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Person Of Influence: Andrea Palladio

(BAD) Blog About Design: Person Of Influence: Andrea Palladio

Friday, January 13, 2012

Person Of Influence: Andrea Palladio

Andrea Palladio was born in Italy in 1508. Palladio was influenced by Roman and Greek architecture and is widely considered the most influential person in the history of Western architecture. Many of Palladio’s buildings are of brick covered with stucco, which was an advantage to his more financially pressed clients. Palladio’s success and influence came from his structures extraordinary beauty and ornate details, that were harmonious with the culture of the time and surpassed his clients expectations. Even though Palladio’s buildings were all in a relatively small part of Italy, his influence is far-reaching, inspiring many architects to create structures that mirrored his style.  (ABOVE) The Villa Almerico Capra is symmetrical with a temple porch in front. The structure is also referred to as the Rotunda, which refers to the villa's circle within a square design. Palladio's inspiration for this structure was the Roman Pantheon. Thomas Jefferson was inspired by the Villa Almerico Capra when he designed his home, Monticello. (BELOW 1) Palladio modeled the facade of the San Giorgio Maggiore after a Greek temple. The beautiful white facade, with four columns and ornate details, is impeccable and make a strong statement against the brick church. (BELOW 2) The Villa Foscari was built between 1558 and 1560. It is relatively different from Palladio's other works. The touch of green ivy that runs the perimeter of the structure adds a natural touch to the structure by softening the brick. (BELOW 3) The Villa Contarini is a baroque structure. The exterior window moldings define the structure.

Create This Look In Your Home:

Whether you buy these items or ones at a cheaper cost, the key to recreating the look of Andrea Palladio's buildings in your home is to bring in stone, neutral colors, and intricate subtle details. The "Mongolfiera" 1980s Italian chair by Piero Fornasetti is from Holly Johnson. The beautiful design on the back of the chair resembles the details seen throughout Palladio's work. These details can be seen in the window moldings and sculptures. The 21st century, Italian Taksim side table by Konstantin is from Siglo Moderno. The marble and color resembles the facade of the San Giorgio Maggiore. The vintage Turkish 1940s rug is from Keivan Woven Arts. The rugs color and details resembles the Villa Almerico Capra, and Villa Contarini. The 1970s Italian chandelier by Kamer is from Visiona. The shape resembles the columns, in addition, the crisp white resembles the simplicity of Palladio's work. What inspires you about Andrea Palladio's work? You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.



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Fantastic entry, huge fans of Palladian architecture. Keep up the awesome work, we've bookmarked!

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Thanks for the kind comment! I am glad you like the post and blog. Glad to be bookmarked!


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