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Person Of Influence: Christopher Wren

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Person Of Influence: Christopher Wren

Christopher Wren was born in England in 1632, he is one of the most highly acclaimed English architects in history. However, before becoming an architect, Wren was a well-known scientist. During his studies, Wren stumbled upon a book entitled “On Architecture” by Vitruvius, that focused on Roman architecture. Wren was particularly inspired by the book and 1663, Wren visited Theatre of Marcellus in Rome. This visit was a turning point for Wren’s career as an architect. After his travels, Wren was asked to design a theatre in Oxford, he based his design on the information he had learned while in Rome. After the Great Fire of 1666, Wren was asked by his childhood friend Charles II, to rebuild 51 churches in London, and so a new a career began. (ABOVE) The Hampton Court Palace was the home of England's King Henry VIII and King William III. The Baroque south front addition was designed by Wren for William III. The beautiful detail and grandeur design is quite impressive. (BELOW) After the Great Fire of 1666, Wren was asked to design a new St. Paul's Cathedral. The cathedral's dome is among the highest in the world. St. Paul's Cathedral is largely considered Wren's greatest work.

Create This Look In Your Home:

These pieces are classic and in the Baroque style. The 17th century chair is from Eron Johnson Antiques. The chair has remarkable details. The Austrian beaded pendant is from Elizabeth Pash Antiques. The English cocktail cabinet is from Decoratum. What connection do you seen between these pieces and Wren's work? You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.



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