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Q & A: Nying Zemo Rugs

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Q & A: Nying Zemo Rugs

Recently, I was able to interview Simmy Pappachen, Shalini Acharya, the brains behind Nying Zemo and artist Joseph La Piana, designer of Nying Zemo’s Joseph La Piana collection. Nying Zemo is a rug company that works with artists and designers to create custom high-end Tibetan rugs. I find Nying Zemo rugs original and full of creative energy. Each rug has its own voice and is the perfect conversation piece in any space. 

1. What emotions do you hope your rugs will communicate with the viewer?
Simmy - That they have something really special. Our pieces are real art work sold in Limited Editions. The best quality in high-end Tibetan rugs.
Shalini - As each rug is a unique piece of art, a rug should resonate differently for the individual viewer but ultimately evoke a sense of inspiration.
Joseph - I hope that the viewer feels a sense of calm and peace and transported to place of complete relaxation and luxury.
2. Explain how the Joseph La Piana collaboration came to place.
Joseph - Having worked with many top designers, Nying Zemo was familiar with my work and wanted to offer their expertise in the translation of art in another medium to their customers.

3. Explain the inspiration for the Spring Bloom Breeze Abstract rug from the Joseph La Piana collection.
Joseph - The Spring Bloom Breeze is inspired by one of my actual photographs which I refer to as photonastic, which is the study of light formations. The photograph was taken in East Hampton in the spring. The image is the reflection of the incredible saturation of color on the surface of pond.

Spring Bloom Breeze

4. Who would you like to collaborate with to create a rug in the future?
Simmy - When artist’s find out about Nying Zemo and how we work, they generally want to work with us. We had started on a project with famed photographer Peter Beard Studio. A tapestry quality piece from one of his pieces. The project is now on hold. We would love to do more special projects like that.
Shalini - Nying Zemo is open to collaborating with up and coming artists as well as already established ones.

5. What is the most important part of creating a Nying Zemo rug?
Simmy - Nying Zemo rugs are art pieces right off the Gallery walls. There is a lot of time attentions detail and quality control that goes into making each individual piece.
Shalini - There are really two critical parts to each Nying Zemo. The first is of course, the artists and their designs. They are what makes each rug so unique and why people love owning them. The second is the art of hand-knotting the rugs in our factory in Nepal. This is what makes the rugs a true luxury product. The quality of the craft combined with the quality of the art is what makes Nying Zemo so special.
6. How long does it take to develop and design a Nying Zemo rug?
Simmy - It can take a few months to a couple of years to curate a collection with an artist but it takes about 2-4 months to make a custom rug.
Shalini - The designing part varies greatly depending on whether we are translating an existing piece of artwork into a rug or if an artist is making a design specifically for a rug. Once we have a design, it usually takes about two to four months to complete a rug and have it delivered to our customer.
7. What types patterns and colors inspire you when you are designing rugs?
Joseph - The incredible thing about working with artist the rugs become an art form through their own work which sets us apart from designing which is a conscious act of creating.

Geometric Abstraction IV

8. Your slogan reads “A beautiful rug makes a beautiful life.” Why do you believe a beautiful rug makes a beautiful life?
Simmy - It’s simple. We make beautiful high quality pieces that last forever and make great heirloom pieces. Of course our rugs are Good Weave certified and we give a portion of our sales to ABC Nepal (anti-trafficking NGO).
Shalini - Life is supposed to be enjoyed. We should all be lucky enough to surround ourselves with beautiful things. A life filled with beauty can only be beautiful.

9. What should someone look for when buying a rug for their home?
Simmy - In my opinion, for any major purchase, you must first love it. Choose a rug size that complements the furnishings in the room. A carefully placed rug will anchor the space and create a defined area. A small rug that is sized to have furnishings around it. Or choose a rug that's large enough to outline the perimeter of your space.
Shalini - The main thing that someone should look for when buying a rug for their home is finding a rug that suits their personality, it should say something about them. Rugs should be a statement piece in one’s home.

10. What do you have in store for Nying Zemo in the future?
Simmy - Nying Zemo is a high-end luxury custom hand-knotted Tibetan rug maker. We are now working on custom high quality hand-tufted pieces so everyone can afford a Nying Zemo rug.
Shalini - We are currently creating a line of high quality hand-tufted rugs. We felt like this was a necessary step in order to reach the consumer base who loved our rugs but felt that the hand-knotted collections were out of their price range. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase and to buy the Nying Zemo rug that suit them.

Gustavia Harbor Abstract

Create This Look With A Nying Zemo Rug:
Rug: Black Structure Nying Zemo, Chair: Holly Johnson Antiques, Pendant: Hedge



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