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Design Video: "Reflect" by Ivan Depeña

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Design Video: "Reflect" by Ivan Depeña

"Reflect" is a light-based instillation by Ivan Toth Depeña in the Stephan Clark Government Center Lobby in Miami. The purpose of the instillation is to "illuminate the dynamism of the lobby space and encourage a sense of discovery in the visitor" (Depeña). Each box throughout the lobby is composed of LED lights. When one passes or stands in front of the light-based instillation their movement will be projected onto the screen creating an energetic and dynamic art piece. According to Michael Spring, Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs, "This dynamic art work is designed by the artist with the idea of welcoming visitors and employees to Government Center in a fun and interactive will energize the lobby and symbolize the County's commitment to be informative and responsive to our citizens." (BELOW) A women stands in front of the art piece and sees her movement mirrored onto the screen. What is great about Depeña's creation is that one will see their movements mirrored onto the screen in real-time. You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.

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