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Building With Clean Lines

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Building With Clean Lines
This simple home designed and built in Austria by K-M Architects is situated in a meadow with fabulous views of the mountains. The home was designed to appear that it's floating above the grass. Most of the materials used to build the home were found locally! Because the home is designed of natural materials it has a unique interaction with the natural landscape. (ABOVE) The home's left corner roof and lower right balcony corner appears to continue and wrap itself around the home. I like how the other homes in the area are all similar in design. It creates a much stronger architectural statement. (BELOW 1) I like how part of the home is constructed of stone and not wood. It breaks the continuous flow of the home. (BELOW 2) The views from the balcony are beautiful. You feel like you're wrapped in a blanket of wood! (BELOW 3) A closer view of the home. What are your thoughts about the home?



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