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Featured Post: New York City

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Featured Post: New York City
Yesterday I had the honor of being featured on LDV with this post. Here it is in case you missed it...
The Architecture: New York City architecture is very diverse. Walking down one avenue or street you'll see styles ranging from Art Deco to Gothic. I find this diversity to contribute to the city's overall beauty. The best example of Art Deco architecture is the Chrysler Building. The Chrysler building was completed in 1930, by architect William Van Allen. The building is constructed of masonry, with a steel frame, and metal cladding. The Woolworth Building is an example of Gothic architecture. The Woolworth Building was completed in 1913, by architect Cass Gilbert. The building's Gothic detailing is concentrated at the top of the structure, which is massively scaled to be read from the streets below. If you travel downtown, you'll be greeted by brownstones and townhouses. These smaller structures, surrounded by tree-lined streets are popular in SoHo. SoHo boasts the greatest collection of cast-iron architecture.
Where To Visit: If you have never been to the city before, then stopping by Central Park is a must. (ABOVE 1) Central Park spans from 59th street to 110th street. The park is home to playgrounds, lakes, ponds and ice-skating rinks. I love Central Park as it's a relaxing place, to take in the city. (ABOVE 2) If architecture is what you want to see then going to the Guggenheim Museum is the place for you. Built in 1959, by architect Frank Lloyd Wright this building exemplifies the modern movement of architecture. The museum is home to a renowned collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early modern, and contemporary work. (ABOVE 3) If the non-tourist part of New York City interests you, then head down to the village. The village is full of small shops, quaint buildings, and great places to eat. (ABOVE 4) The High line is a one-mile park, built on the former elevated New York Central Railroad. I love coming here on a sunny day, as there is usually someone playing the guitar, plus there is a section of grass where you can lay down on. (BELOW 5) Bergdorf Goodman, is a wonderful place to visit if you are strolling down 5th avenue. During the holiday's, the store is beautifully decorated and a popular place. I love walking past their window displays as there is usually something that catches my eye. 

What To Wear: I love both of these New York inspired looks. A great pair of pants is crucial in the city, as long dresses will be stepped on and get dirty. The floral blazer to the left is such a great choice. I love the color, match it with a great pair of jeans and you have the perfect look! A Denim jacket is necessary in the city. Instead of pairing the jacket with a rough pair of pants, pair it with a feminine floral pair to soften the look. 
What To Wear: Matching a simple blazer with a wild pair of pants, creates a great street style look. I love the Manhattan blazer to the left paired with a Denim shirt. The leggings to the right are so much fun, and such a perfect choice for a day in the city. Paring them with a solid blazer and top, are a perfect idea for the spring. 
What To Wear: Shorter dresses, are a great idea in the city as they do not get dirty easily. The dress to the right with its leather trim, paired with a brass necklace is the perfect New York look. I love the leather sleeve jacket to the right paired with a great pair of black trousers. Both of these looks are pretty, but have that rougher touch.

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At April 11, 2012 at 12:50 PM , Blogger Marie Martell said...

Great photos and great looks!! So outfits are So NYC! So cool and chic!

At April 11, 2012 at 2:10 PM , Blogger Julie Khuu said...

How can you NOT be inspired by such an energetic, pulsating city?! Love the ensemble picks...that white/leather jacket is gorge! The perfect transitional piece to work from season to season!

Peace. Love. LOL!



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