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Hotel Design: Cocoa Island

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Hotel Design: Cocoa Island
The Cocoa Island Resort is located in the Maldives. When I first came across this resort I was amazed by its design. It looks like such a fascinating and relaxing place to stay. The ability to simply walk right into the sea, and be hundreds of feet from shore is amazing. (ABOVE) The suites are connected to a center island and each other by simple wooden walkways. The center island houses a spa, pools, and many other amenities. I would love to go snorkeling around the resort to see all the coral. (BELOW 1) Each suite is housed in a boat on the sea. I love the natural roof, and blue moldings. I can just picture myself sitting on the front deck and relaxing in a wooden armchair. (BELOW 2) The suites have a very clean and light design. Wood is one of the key materials used in each suite. I love how the dark wood looks against the white drapery and furniture. To add some spice to each suite, pops of color are brought in through the pillows and rugs. The low seating is very relaxing and adds for an intimate conversation. (BELOW 3) If you book the larger two-bedroom suite, you will  have the luxury of a large outdoor terrace that hovers over the sea. It's attached to the main suite by a simple wooden walkway. The two-bedroom suite also comes with a 24 hour butler, so you can sip a Pina Colada and not move for anything!’s-nonpareil-boudoirs/
Despite each suite being beautifully designed, there are a few pieces that I need to accompany me on my trip. The vintage 20th century rug is from Nazmiyal. I love the colors of the rug, they remind me of the sunset. I am guessing that the Maldives have gorgeous ones. The 1960s pendant chandelier is from Good Design. I love its clear design with subtle touches of blue. It would make a beautiful statement in the entry. The deep blue glass vases are from Culture Object. They would make the perfect statement on a coffee table  or dining table. What are your thoughts? You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.

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At April 6, 2012 at 12:44 PM , Blogger Marie Martell said...

omg this hotel is amazing! I love being on the water!


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