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Incorporating The New Into The Old

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Incorporating The New Into The Old

© Leonardo Finotti

Located in Óbidos, Portugal this home sets its self apart from the surrounding homes. This home is painted a clean white, and boasts colored windows. The home was constructed in 2008 by Ricardo Bak Gordon Architects. (ABOVE) The home contrasts beautifully with the red clay tiled roofs of the surrounding homes. I love that this home has its own identity and does not copy the typical homes of this region in Portugal. (BELOW 1) At the rear of the home, one can view the multicolored windows. The windows add a pop of color. I like how this newer home moves into the older homes with the red clay tiles. (BELOW 2) Possibly the coolest pool I have ever seen. I love how half of the image displays the pool and the other half displays the pool deck. The older structure to the left of the image adds stunning contrast against the white pool deck. 

© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti



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