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Architecture Around The World: Greece

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Architecture Around The World: Greece

Greece has some of the most stunning architecture in the world. From the ancient Parthenon to the modern structures of today, Greece is a majestic country. I love Greeceā€™s mountainous terrain, and clear blue water. With a population of around 10 million, Greece is quite small compared to other countries. The architecture of Ancient Greece is of a "post and lintel" form. The architecture of modern Greece is both Neoclassical and Western inspired. (ABOVE) I find this photograph of Greece beautiful. Architecture in Greece today uses the colors blue and white, I love how these colors stand out against the water. Domes on top of roofs are very popular in Greece as well, the domes in these photographs are beautiful. (BELOW 1) This photograph is taken in Varlaam, Greece, I find it amazing how the structure is in the rock. The architect of this structure wanted the building to be one with its surroundings. (BELOW 2) The Temple of Athena, is a perfect example of a "post and lintel" as well as ancient Greek Architecture.  (BELOW 3) This photograph is taken in Santorini, Greece, the domes in the photograph are different from those in the first photograph as they are painted blue. The narrow walkways, stunning views and colors in this photograph are a beautiful representation of what Greece is all about.



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