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Featured Home: Tony Duquette

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Featured Home: Tony Duquette

The home of legendary set and costume designer, Tony Duquette is full of surprises. Duquette's home reminds me of a painting, because each time you view that painting you discover something you didn't notice before. Duquette's work began in the 1930s, where he gave the stage a splash of Hollywood glamour. Despite his death in 1999, Duquette's home still remains the way he had left it. (ABOVE) Duquette's Living Room is filled with glamour and surprises. The screens with circular mirrors are a very powerful element in this space. They ground the space, as well as add texture. The sofa in the center of this photograph is very unusual, it is three cushions stacked on top of one another. The deep blue and purple rug is magical. It is simple, yet brings much energy to this space. (BELOW 1) A different view of the Living Room, displays Duquette's unique furniture, art and accessories. I wish I owned the yellow table to the left of the photograph. Its form is very unique. What gives this space a great flow is how Duquette positioned the furniture. Duquette created two seating areas, in a space this large it works. (BELOW 2) The floors in Duquette's 'Garden Room' feature one of my favorite patterns. In Duquette's 'Garden Room' I am fascinated by the individual objects, rather than the space as a whole. The white console table to the left of the photograph, has a very interesting spotted design. I wish that table was in my entry vestibule. The green walls add a unique texture to this space, they almost remind me of a stone, or seashell. You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.



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