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My Three Tips: To A Well Designed Pool Deck

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Three Tips: To A Well Designed Pool Deck
Tip #1: Stone or Grass Deck? 
When you are designing the pool deck, you must decide how you will use the space. Are you planning on having much outdoor furniture or space to run on and play with the kids? Use stone for the pool deck if you would like to have seating areas. A stone pool deck defines the space and keeps your furniture clean by preventing a muddy ground. A grass pool deck is ideal if you want to have more space for playing with the dog or the kids. 

Tip #2: Indoor or Outdoor Furniture?     
Today outdoor spaces are all about being extensions of the home. Wicker and metal furniture is not the only way to go. When choosing furniture for your pool deck select pieces that are durable yet look like they can belong in your Living or Dining room. A perfect example is the Viceroy pool deck (BELOW 2). These pieces all have an "indoor" look, yet work well outside. 

Tip #3: Managing the Mess  
If you don't have the luxury of having a pool house to store towels and for guests to rinse off, then plan a place on the deck. When all pool related items are neatly put away, the pool deck will feel clean and be enjoyable to use. If guests have a place to rinse off, then less dirt will be brought into the home. A little tiding will go a long way! 

(ABOVE) This pool and deck is absolutely stunning. Infinity pools are a favorite of mine. The pool deck is very simple with only a few Chaise lounge chairs. Anyone getting a retro vibe from this pool deck? (BELOW 1) Here the pool deck is smaller with a greater emphasis on the lawn. This home has a fantastic patio where one may sit and soak in the beautiful rounded pool. I like the touch of having potted plants on the deck. (BELOW 2) This pool deck at the Viceroy in California is gorgeous. Designed by Kelly Wearstler, this pool deck is perfect for laying back and relaxing. I love the furniture as the pieces do not scream "outdoor". The pillows are a nice touch. Cabana's are a great idea for residential pool decks as well! (BELOW 3) Planting around the pool deck looks great. Keep plant heights varied to create interest. I love the fence around the pool, definitely has old world charm. What do you think about the pools featured here? What are some of your tips to a well designed pool deck?



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