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Tara Dougans Animations

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tara Dougans Animations
Tara Dougans gif animations are phenomenal pieces of art. If you look closely, you will notice a slight movement in each piece. It took Dougans four months to create and finish the pieces. Each piece was hand drawn and custom animated. (ABOVE) The eyepiece is animated in this piece. I love the jacket, very creative. (BELOW 1) The index fingers touch and the moon appears between them. I love the disproportionate shoulders. (BELOW 2) The eyes on both the hands and face open. The LV jacket is really beautiful. (BELOW 3) The right eye moves subtly in this piece. I could see myself wearing this sweater. Definitely a cool design. (BELOW 4) The hands open to reveal "bright eyes". This piece is one of my favorites, it's the only piece to have a quick flare of light. (BELOW 5) The eyes watch two bees fly from one side to the other. I love when the eyes quickly shift to the viewer. Christmas sweater anyone? What do you think of Tara Dougans work?

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