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Hyperrealistic Fruits

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hyperrealistic Fruits
Italian artist Vesna Bursich is an incredibly talented painter who can paint so perfectly you can't tell her work apart from a photograph. Bursich's "Still Life" series is thoughtfully planned and every shadow helps to create a fantastic near-real looking image. (ABOVE) "Arancio" is one of my favorite pieces. You can see each bend in the plastic and every bit of light and shadow. (BELOW 1 & 2) Bursich's "Apple" painting is so rich in color. To create a hyperrealistic art piece you need to have some amazing colored pencils or painting supplies! (BELOW 3) While the apple's exterior is more realistic, the inside of the apple in Bursich's "Apple" painting has a bit more of a creative flare. (BELOW 4) "Yellow Experiment" doesn't focus on one fruit specifically, but on a couple fruits. The banana looks perfect. I like how Bursich decided to use a yellow backdrop for the yellow fruits. It requires you to focus in on the details. What do you think of Vesna Bursich's work?



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