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Living In Stripes

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Living In Stripes
German born, Markus Linnenbrick is well known for his love of stripped patterned everything! From stripped instillations to sculptures, Linnenbrick has applied his stripped patterns to a wide range of mediums. Linnenbrick currently lives in Brooklyn, NYC. (ABOVE) Boombox (Spain 2009), I am a huge fan of the dripped effect that Linnenbrick applied here. Can you imagine a Living Room painted like this? (BELOW 1) Whatyouhereiswhatyouget (Germany 2007), The white ceiling and black floors really pop against the stripped walls. (BELOW 2) Myyellowcountryteeth (Germany 2006), This floor instillation is wonderful. I love the different patterns found within the main stripped pattern. (BELOW 3) Timeisstillagoodthing (2008), This would be an awesome piece in a conservative space. Can'tstandupforfallingdown (2008-09), This piece would be a sick centerpiece on a Dining Room table. Definitely a conversation piece. What do you think of Linnenbrick's work?



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