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Featured Post: Make A Statement For Fall

(BAD) Blog About Design: Featured Post: Make A Statement For Fall

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Featured Post: Make A Statement For Fall
Yesterday, I had the honor of being featured on Vmac and Cheese! Here is the post in case you missed it.... With the summer coming to an end and fall fashion in full bloom, chances are you're on the hunt for the perfect accessories to complete your look. A statement handbag is a must-have for this year's fall season. It's the perfect way to spice up your look. In addition, the right handbag can make a pair of jeans and white T-shirt look very glamorous. Below, I have chosen a few statement handbags that are perfect for your look! The Lanvin handbag made me smile when I came across it. What girl wouldn't want some sparkle? It's a great sized bag that can be worn with anything. The Prada jeweled clutch is absolutely breathtaking worn for an evening on the town. Pair it with a black dress and its the perfect statement piece. For a fall rocker inspired look the Valentino rockstud frame bag is a must-have. It has that rough look, but also has a simple elegance to it. Which statement handbag are you dying for?
Now that you have the perfect statement handbag for the fall, you need a brilliant new piece for your home. Chandelier's are like jewelry for a space. They add a little shine and a whole lot of beauty. I'm very inspired by chandelier's that cause one to think, one that is a conversation piece. (ABOVE) This space was designed by Kelly Wearstler and has a gorgeous chandelier. The light fixture has its own voice in this dramatic space. Its oversize shape is definitely a conversation piece when guests first walk into the home. When you're on hunt for your new chandelier focus on a piece that suits your mood as well as works with the color scheme of your space. Thanks Victoria for having me! 

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