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Weekly Start Off: No 3

(BAD) Blog About Design: Weekly Start Off: No 3

Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekly Start Off: No 3
Happy Monday, December 17, 2012 readers! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I am pleased to announce that I officially got my Christmas Tree! I spent all Sunday dressing it up and am very happy to finally be able to enter into the spirt of the season! On another note--how rockin' is the above look? The photograph was taken after the Haider Ackermann show. I love the that jacket! She looks so cool, and those motorcycles in the background tie together this great photo. This week give your looks a little edge. While everyone's got on their traditional holiday attire, you'll sport a little holiday rocker :)! 

1. What is holiday rocker you may ask? Well...I've found a few great pieces to give you some inspiration. First off--the jacket. I love this Haider Ackermann leather biker jacket. It's definitely taking holiday rocker to another level, but you can tone it down with a softer piece underneath. Next off, I choose these Jeffrey Campbell leather embellished pumps. The heel features a slight curve and for thirty-percent off it's a great piece. These pumps will give your look a little holiday rocker. Pair them with a great holiday solid colored knee length dress and you've got a little class, and a little sass (I know that sounds corny)! 

2. If you're in New York City over the holiday's, then I suggest checking out the Barneys window display. Disney took over their window displays and it's a fun, festive way to spend some time. Who wouldn't want to see Minnie Mouse strutting her stuff down the runway?  

3. On to some last minute gifts. Nordstrom has a great list of gifts, all under $100 for you, your loved one, etc. The best part is they offer free shipping and returns, and if you order your gift between now and Dec 21, they guarantee it'll be here in time for Christmas! If you're a fan of Pantone colors as much as I am, then this Pantone iPhone case is a great holiday gift for you! It comes in several different Pantone colors and really gives your iPhone a pop of color. Something iPhone's REALLY need! 


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