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'Mad Men' Through A 21st Century Lens

(BAD) Blog About Design: 'Mad Men' Through A 21st Century Lens

Thursday, April 11, 2013

'Mad Men' Through A 21st Century Lens
It seems like everyone I know is talking about 'Mad Men'. The show takes place in the 1960s a time of impeccable fashion and design. The 1960s is hands down my favorite time in design. Shutterstock created this graphic series, which takes symbols of the 60s characters and transforms them through a 21st century lens. What would Donald Draper or Peggy Olson be using had they been working in 2013. (ABOVE) Rather than keeping everything in a briefcase, and having to carry it around all day, save it to the cloud. It's efficient and won't strain your back! (BELOW 1) Who needs a typewriter in 2013 when you can simply use a Macbook Pro? Had Peggy Olson been working in 2013, she could forget about needing the Tipp-Ex. (BELOW 2) In the 1960s, Betty Francis would smoke a cigarette when she felt stressed out. Today she'd do some yoga. A much better way of dealing with stress. (BELOW 3) No longer does Joan Harris need to write notes on a notepad. In 2013 Joan would be typing away on her iPad. To be honest, I prefer using a notepad! What do you think of the series? Are you a 'Mad Men' fan?



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