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The Real Models Of Abstract Paintings

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Real Models Of Abstract Paintings
How cool are these images? I can't stop looking at them! 19 year old Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi, was curious as to what the models of some of the world's most famous abstract art work would look like. Borsi who describes herself as being quite interested in photo-manipulation has put both her interest and talent into good work to create this series. (ABOVE) "The Corn Poppy", those eyes are insane. From the small lips, big eyes, to the button nose, Borsi nailed it all. (BELOW 1) "Donna con Cappello Verde", the nose looks perfect. The clothes look great as do the small shoulders. I love the ears, clearly not the same height. (BELOW 2) "Portrait of a Polish Woman", well, the giraffe neck looks good! She kind of looks like she came straight out of a Tim Burton movie! (BELOW 3) "Gelber Narrenhut", what I love about this painting is all the shadow around the eyes and on the cheek. I feel like this is missing from the real person. The fortune cookie on the head is pretty fun! Interested in buying Borsi's prints? What do you think of the series?  



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