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Photographed Jellyfish

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Photographed Jellyfish
I was recently reading an article that stated that jellyfish are one of the oldest species on the planet, over 505 million years old to be exact. So when I came across this beautiful series by photographer Alexander Semenov I knew I had to feature it on the blog. The colors of these creatures are like a Pantone color palette, rich and full of tones and shades. (ABOVE) How cool is this clear jellyfish? I'm guessing the brain, is somewhere in that deep purple center. Is it weird that the center reminds me of Hydrangeas? (BELOW 1) Loving the deep orange. The way the light filters through the orange ring makes the jellyfish look like a vase. (BELOW 2) The tentacles are the shining stars here. It's like spaghetti. (BELOW 3) I like the simplicity and elegance of this photograph. Nothing fancy, just a jellyfish doing its thing! What do you think of Semenov's work?



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