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Friday, June 21, 2013

Get A Grip
Artist Omar Ortiz's hyperrealistic paintings are absolutely incredible. The use of color, details, and shading brings these paintings to life. "Leap of Faith" is Ortiz's newest series. In this series, Ortiz brings to attention the beauty and dimension of the human arms and hands. (ABOVE) I can't believe the detail of this piece. At first I thought I was looking at a photograph, incredible! (BELOW 1) On the hand you can see the veins, the knuckles, and hairs. The index finger is so well painted. (BELOW 2 & 3) The finger nail's are incredible. (BELOW 4) Ortiz at work. What's even more impressive is that Ortiz doesn't paint these on a tablet. He actually uses paints, and a brush! To be able to paint with such precision by hand on a canvas takes much concentration and skill. What do you think of Ortiz's work?



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