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The Comic Women

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Friday, June 14, 2013

The Comic Women
Let's just say, listening to #Thatpower and looking at this phenomenal series by Sandra Chevrier was an awesome idea! The music and art took me to a different world for a few minutes. A world of bad ass superhero comic women. Chevrier's mixed media illustrations capture women with superhero strength in brilliant color and stroke use. (ABOVE) In this piece you look at her forehead and see what she's thinking, where she's going. I love the collar of comic strips, and the blotchy paint stroke hair. (BELOW 1) Hello eyes! I love this piece, her mouth is silenced and you're immediately drawn in by her beautiful eyes. It looks like she's reacting to the weapon at the bottom right. (BELOW 2) In this piece, the woman looks like she's dreaming of comics. I love the neck, it has a watercolor quality to it. (BELOW 3) I sort of see this woman foretelling the future! At the bottom right there's a caption that states, it's too late. They should have listened to her earlier! (BELOW 4) Here the woman looks like her eyes are being bandaged. Maybe the villains finally got? I hope not! (BELOW 5) The Super Man lips are a hot look. Who needs big lips? I'd rather have big "S" lips! What do you think?



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