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Architecture Around The World: Dublin

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Architecture Around The World: Dublin
I'm so excited about today's "Architecture Around The World" post. It's been a while since I've last posted one of these, and Dublin is the perfect place to get us back and running! The city's architecture is this wonderful combination of old and new. The most popular architectural style in the city is Georgian architecture. During the 18th century, much of the city was being designed in this style, which shares many similarities to the style of Palladio. (ABOVE) What I love about this photograph is the medieval architectural influence to the right and the more contemporary architectural influence to the left. Just like in downtown New York City (holla at ya city) each building has its own unique look. (BELOW 1) The Samuel Beckett Bridge was designed in 2007 by architect Santiago Calatrava. The structure's design is meant to look like a harp laying on its edge, the harp is a secular item icon for Ireland. The bridge crosses the River Liffey and is named after an Irish writer. (BELOW 2) The Georgian House Museum is the perfect building to get a good sense of the architectural style. I absolutely love the door way. That blue door is such a statement. (BELOW 3) If you've been to Europe before, you know that the streets are very narrow. In the distance is an old church. Again, you can see the combination of new and old. (BELOW 4) Trinity College was established in 1522. The school was design by architect Thomas Burgh. You can really see the Georgian architecture here. (BELOW 5) An aerial view of the city. Have you been to Dublin? How beautiful is River Liffey?



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