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Home Built Of Reused Materials

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home Built Of Reused Materials
I am constantly amazed by the ideas people are able to come up with when building a home. Take Tjibbe Knol and Ingrid Blans, their home designed by 2012Architects is made of 60 percent recycled materials. Located in the Netherlands, this home is a great example of beauty and efficiency. Due to the use of recycled materials and low transportation costs this home is able to greatly reduce the amount of carbon footprint emitted into the atmosphere. The exterior of the home is composed of steel framework, which was brought from disused machinery from a  nearby textile mill. If building a home is something you plan to undertake keep in mind alternative resources that our world has to offer. (Right) The interior of the home is comprised of 90 percent recycled materials. 

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