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How To Make Your Office Space Work

(BAD) Blog About Design: How To Make Your Office Space Work

Friday, November 4, 2011

How To Make Your Office Space Work

In order to make an office Space work, you have to take out the feeling of work. Filing Cabinets, loose papers, Manila folders, and binders must be hidden. Not only do these items make an office feel crowded, but they also take away the feeling of inspiration and beauty that can easily be found in an office. Add pieces to your office that are not usually placed in an office. Find an interesting cabinet that has a unique shape or color to house your documents. Even though placing a desk against a wall can be very glamorous, usually placing a desk in the center creates an easier flow. Personally, I don’t like facing a wall to do my work. Add lamps not desk lamps. Doing this will take away the feeling of a boring office. Whether your office is in your bedroom or you have a room designated for one, there are plenty of ways to add appeal and glamour. Designing an office that fits your needs and emotions are always the key. You can add as little or as much to your office as you want. Don’t follow rules, just do.

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