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Why You Should Accessorize

(BAD) Blog About Design: Why You Should Accessorize

Thursday, November 3, 2011

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Accessorize! It’s the most important element when finishing a space. Lamps, textiles, rugs, pillows, flowers, and books are all crucial in pulling together any space. Keep your accessorizing powerful. Adding a large statue on a coffee table or vintage vase on a dining room table are all forms of accessorizing. Don’t add fake flowers! Fake flowers in a space are my biggest pet peeve. They smell after a while, collect much dust, and make a space feel cheep. Fresh flowers are always best. These minor elements in a space will give your room a designer feel. Even though I am a strong believer of breaking design rules and taking risks I also believe that you can go overboard when accessorizing.   Whether it is a painting or candle holder accessories should serve a meaning and purpose. Whether your adding accessories to add color or alter the proportion of a space each piece should be seen as an individual item, yet work as a group of pieces. Add enough accessories to make your home feel like you. Don’t follow rules, just do.

1.  Partridge 12" Pillow by Crate & Barrel, Love the use of art on a pillow. 
2. Brass Foot by Kelly Wearstler , It is so versatile and can be accessorized in any space. 
3. Edie Lamp by Jonathan Adler, Adds a little flavor and unexpected style to any space. 
4. Bourgie Table Lamp by DWR, Is both traditional, yet modern. 
5. Open Stool/ Table by Room & Board, Has many functions. 

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