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Neil Krug's Mirrors

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Neil Krug's Mirrors
Neil Krug is a Los Angeles based artist who has art directed campaigns for different bands. Neil Krug's "Mirrors" art collection, takes one into a different world when being viewed. A surrealist world that causes one to question reality. (ABOVE) The mirrors blend into the landscape. I love the contrast of the rigid mountains and smooth mirrors. (BELOW 1) In this piece you can see different views of the bird and its wings. The bird stands out in this piece because of the reflection. (BELOW 2) When I first saw this piece I thought of Ice Cream! Is it weird that this piece makes me hungry? (BELOW 3) The way that this composition is arranged makes it appear that the mountains are closing in on the mirrors. If you look closely at the left mirror you'll notice that the mountains don't stop at the mirror but appear that they continue around. (BELOW 4) Here the mirrors create a city. Kind of looks like a skyline! What do you think?



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