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Person Of Influence: Ieoh Ming Pei

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Person Of Influence: Ieoh Ming Pei
Louvre, Paris
Architect Ieoh Ming Pei was born in China in 1917. At 17 he left his native China to pursue an education in architecture in the USA. After graduating from MIT and Harvard, Pei started working and soon after established his own firm. Pei is a household name in the field of architecture. His works have inspired many and continue to. Much of Pei's work consists of different shapes. (ABOVE) Pei's greatest and best known work is the Pyramid entrance to the Louvre Museum. When Pei first presented the design it was looked at with much uncertainty. Today, it's considered as much a work of art as the artwork within. (BELOW 1) Pei's inspiration for the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar came from a mosque in Egypt. Pei wanted to give the museum both a modern and traditional look. I love the clean lines and shapes of the museum. It's so simple yet says so much! (BELOW 2) The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a magnificent modern structure that is dedicated to the living heritage of Rock and Roll in Cleveland. It looks like some sort of instrument! When designing the structure Pei wanted to "echo the energy of Rock and Roll". (BELOW 3) The Nation Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado is situated amongst boulders and mountains and the architecture reflects that. The coloring for the structures concrete walls was locally found. What do you think of architect Ieoh Ming Pei's work?
Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Colorado



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