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Colored Pencil Sculptures

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Colored Pencil Sculptures
Australian artist, Lionel Bawden, cut Staedtler colored pencils in half to create a phenomenal sculptural collection. Each colored pencil is carefully shaped and placed. Together these pencils make for a statement. (ABOVE) This sculpture is sort of shaped into a continuous diamond. The sculpture plays with patterns and colors. The purple base is equally as important as the actual sculpture, as it sets the tone. (BELOW 1) The colored pencils spill over the white base. The thick colored pencils towards the bottom give the form depth and ground it. I love that rich purple, pink color of the pencil. (BELOW 2) This attached sculpture, looks like two ears perked up! Or--a set of eyes? The center of the sculpture sort of resembles a pair of earrings. (BELOW 3) This sculpture looks like a starfish. I love how Bawden caved in the sculpture. Makes it look more visually interesting. If you flipped the sculpture onto its side it would make a pretty sick serving bowl! What do you think of Bawden's work? 



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