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Portugal's Villa Extramuros

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Portugal's Villa Extramuros

© Adrià Goula
Built and designed by Vora Arquitectura in Portugal, this stunning 2011 modern home reaches all the right heights. Much of the architecture surrounding this home is heavily influenced by the Neolithic period. The architecture of the home moves forward, however, still has certain influences of that time and style. (ABOVE) Walking up to the home you are immediately taken back by the shear size and weight of the structure. It has a solid look, and many hard right angles. The minimal landscaping keeps with the architecture of the home. The large window to the left of the front entrance opens. You really feel like you're bringing a piece of the outdoors inside. (BELOW 1) The home is built around a central courtyard. I'm a huge fan of courtyards. It's a great way of connecting the home, and making each space very accessible. (BELOW 2) Rooms on the second floor are connected by a large breezeway. The contrast in materials creates much visual interest. Walking the breezeway one can look onto the central courtyard. (BELOW 3) A large balcony above the front entrance allows one to soak in the view and architecture. A large central cut separates the upper and lower levels of the structure. This creates a "peak hole", very cool. (BELOW 4) The home is set on wonderfully landscaped grounds. How gorgeous are those trees on opposite sides of the walkway. The pool is fabulous! What do you think of Villa Extramuros? 

© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Alexandre Gempeler



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