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Castle Design: Matsumoto Castle

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Castle Design: Matsumoto Castle
Matsumoto Castle is located in Japan. The castle is constructed of wood and was built over 500 years ago, making it one of Japan's national treasures. In fact, Matsumoto is the oldest surviving wooden castle. (ABOVE) The castle is finished in black on the exterior. It's set on top of a stone foundation. (BELOW 1) A closer view of the castle and a different perspective. What I find interesting about the architecture is its variation in roof heights, shapes, etc. The roof is extremely commanding, the focal point. (BELOW 2) To get to the castle, one must cross this bright red bridge. The castle was built around water to be better protected against unwanted visitors. (BELOW 3) A close up view of the roof. The roof is extremely detailed. Many nature inspired symbols such as the fish, flowers, leaves, etc., are decorated throughout. I'm so inspired by Matsumoto Castle! What do you think?

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