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Colonnes de Buren Installation

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Colonnes de Buren Installation
The "Colonnes de Buren" is an installation in the courtyard of the Palais Royal in Paris, France. The installation was designed by Daniel Buren in 1986. It is constructed of black and white marble. In 1985, the French Ministry of Culture had the installation commissioned to take the place of a parking lot. In my opinion, this is much more attractive to look at than a parking lot! Shortly after the installation was completed however, a few people begged to differ and wanted to installation to be dismantled. (ABOVE) Many different sized black and white marble columns are seen creating a pattern in the courtyard. The work which is 3000 square yards consists of 260 columns. What I love is the contrast between the modern architecture of the installation and the classic architecture of the palace behind it. (BELOW 1) The columns here rise from shortest to tallest. It's a cool photographic composition. (BELOW 2) A view of the same composition at night. At night the columns are beautifully lit up. It must be so romantic walking through the courtyard. I love the symmetry of this photographic. (BELOW 3) A top down view of the installation. From this view you can really see the pattern that the columns form. What do you think of the "Colonnes de Buren" installation



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