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Looking Off The Edge

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looking Off The Edge
"Rooftopping" is the practice of climbing to the top of a skyscraper and taking a photograph looking down. The practice is made famous by artist Tom Ryaboi. Ryaboi practices "Rooftopping" for the adrenaline rush it gives him. I just can't imagine the guts Ryaboi must have to take these photographs. (ABOVE) With his Converse dangling off the edge of a skyscraper, Ryaboi photographs the world below. I'm so curious how this photograph was taken. It appears as though he held the camera straight out in front of him pointing the lens down. I'd be scared that I'd drop the camera! (BELOW 1) A photograph of I'm assuming, Ryaboi? As you can see it appears that nothing is holding him to the beam. One strong gush of wind is all it takes! The views from up there must be amazing. (BELOW 2) What I find interesting about this photograph is that the building in the foreground is extremely clean. You can see the reflection of the buildings directly in front. The city looks so beautiful at night. (BELOW 3) Sitting on a beam and admiring the skyline. (BELOW 4) I find the perspective here to be quite interesting. The design of the buildings throws off the perspective. The buildings sort of remind me of a slinky. Does anyone actually play with those anymore? What do you think of Ryaboi's work?



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