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Bloody Brilliant: Test Tube Chandelier

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bloody Brilliant: Test Tube Chandelier

© Pani Jurek

It's has been a while since I last published a "Bloody Brilliant" post, I'm thrilled to show you all the Test Tube Chandelier by Pani Jurek. It's unusual, and definitely something I have never seen before. I'd place this piece in a bright, New York apartment. (ABOVE) The test tubes are clear, however, different food colors can be filled in the test tubes to add some color. (BELOW 1) The test tubes are durable, so don't be scared to perform some experiments! Are these test tubes being lit by a candle? (BELOW 2) These test tubes look like they are filled with water with seeds placed inside. What do you think of the chandelier? 

© Pani Jurek
© Pani Jurek



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