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Private Property

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Private Property
Photographer Renaud Marion, captures the beauty and intricacy of the front gate in this series titled "Private Property". When you think of a home, you often think about the entry way as the focal point. In these photographs, the front gate is the focal point. While some front gates are stately and beautiful, others have a more "natural" appearance to say the least! (ABOVE) The front gate and architecture of this house are interconnect. Both are ornately decorated and stately. I love the row of hedges leading to the front doorway. (BELOW 1) This front gate looks like a Frank Lloyd Wright home awaits you on the other side. It's very modern, clean, and simple. (BELOW 2) This front gate appears to be far more cheerful. I love the bold turquoise, it's so calming. It seems the front gate here is manually operated. (BELOW 3) I see this front gate around a home in Beverly Hills. The columns and the potted hedges soften the black iron material, giving your eye a break. (BELOW 4) This front gate needs a little love and attention. It seems like things are getting overgrown around the gate. A smart move if you're trying to conceal your multi-million dollar home on the other side! (BELOW 5) This green gate makes me feel like I'm about to enter some far off land. You can see the tall Cypress trees stick out, I'm guessing a very stately home on the other side? What do you think of Renaud's work?



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