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Painting The City

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Painting The City
Artist Jeremy Mann's cityscape oil paintings are absolutely incredible. The San-Francisco based artist plays with light and shadow phenomenally well, that each painting looks realistic yet artistic. (ABOVE) "Down the Montgomery", is breathtaking. It looks as though its raining in the city as you can see the reflection of the cars, buildings, etc., on the street. (BELOW 1) "Evening Over San Francisco", highlights the vibrancy and peace of a city on the west coast. The streets are busy, and bright while the rest of the city is darker. (BELOW 2) "Time Square Lights", doesn't Time Square look exciting? The bright lights, people, and energy are so well captured in this painting. (BELOW 3) "New York Night in Blue", this has to be my favorite cityscape painting. New York looks so mysterious in blue! What do you think of Mann's work?



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