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Ice Skating in Holland

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ice Skating in Holland
Photographer, Ben Visbeek, took these incredible photographs of people ice-skating and ice-yachting in North Holland. Here in NYC, I find myself praying for the warmer weather, but in North Holland, they're praying for the cold weather. When the weather does get cold enough, however, the people of Holland compete in ice-related sports such as skating and yachting. (ABOVE) When the water freezes, one may freely skate from one end to the other. (BELOW 1) The colors that surround you are absolutely breathtaking. (BELOW 2) As seen below, competitive ice-skating is a popular sport during this time. (BELOW 3) If competitive ice-skating isn't for you, then how about yachting? What do you think of Visbeek's work?



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