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Weekly Start Off: No 11

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Start Off: No 11

Happy Monday, February 24, 2013 readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! For this week's "Weekly Start Off" post I decided to turn my focus towards classic architecture. I love classic architecture, because you can furnish your home in a wide array of styles. Like modern, traditional, eclectic, and live in a classically built house? No problem! All these interior styles will work and look great in any one of these homes.
1. A beautiful Neo-Classical home located in Newport Beach, CA with unparalleled views of the water. Despite the home being rather new, it looks like it has been around for quite some time. I find the many windows, and doors to enhance the overall architecture of the house. The well maintained lawn and planting add to the beauty. I wish I was kicking back by the pool right now!
2. A wonderful manor house located in Switzerland. The home's architecture has a classic Swiss feel. I absolutely love the center dome. It's a touch of the unexpected. If you place your finger over the dome and half circle entryway the home has a very ordinary look. The dome and half circle entryway make the home. The potted flowers and shrubs, add color where needed.
3. London has some of the most magnificent looking townhouses. Townhouses like the one above, for example, are clean and manage to add a little green life to their facade. The window cornices are necessary to give the facade some architectural pizazz. When you think about it, a townhouse only has the front face to make a statement. Heavily adorned cornices, and doors, and detailed window fences as well as phenomenal edging is needed. I love the flower boxes!
4. This house pays homage to many different classic architecture styles. Greek, ItalianFrench, English, styles have influenced the architecture of the home. The triangular design above the front door is very Greek as well as Italian, Palladio. The windows, doors, and Manson roof are very French. And the way the stone is arranged on the front facade, reminds me of an English townhouse.
5. Located in Italy, this home has commanding views of the sea. The home's architecture is heavily influenced by Greek design and the work of Palladio. If you image the home without the columns it would have a completely different look. It would not have the same grandeur, nor the same elegance. 



At February 28, 2013 at 2:52 AM , Anonymous Window Blinds said...

Nice Pictures.. swizz home was so nice.. lovely flower plot..


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