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All The Buildings In New York

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All The Buildings In New York
"All The Buildings In New York" is an incredible series drawn and painted by James Hancock. Hancock who came to the USA from Australia, moved to New York City and was inspired by the variation in architectural styles that can be seen on one city block. When Hancock was in Paris, the architecture was much different, Hancock describes that each area of the city had a specific architectural style and building height. In New York, there is an eclecticism to the buildings. Each having its own distinct height and look. The series focuses on popular buildings in the city, but also the buildings that Hancock lived by and was influenced by. (ABOVE) If you're interested in looking at his series in one place, you can purchase the book. (BELOW 1) "The Chrysler Building" I love the patterns and shapes at the bottom. (BELOW 2) "The New Museum" the building is drawn on a white backdrop. Very fitting for New York's only museum dedicated to presenting contemporary art from around the world. (BELOW 3) "767 5th Ave" can you guess which building this is? I love me some Apple! (VIDEO) Check out this great video clip in which Hancock describes his work and the process, quite fascinating! What do you think?

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