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Playing With Food

(BAD) Blog About Design: Playing With Food

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Playing With Food
As a kid I used to play with my food. However, instead of creating colorful, artistic dishes I made a mess! Artist Hong Yi decided to play with her food and managed to create this wonderful, creative series. What I love about the series is the white plate theme throughout. (ABOVE) Made of onions and mint leaves. The way Hong Yi placed the onions creates much dimension. (BELOW 1) The Three Little Pigs. Looks like the house is being taken away by balloons made out of jelly beans. How very "Up"! (BELOW 2) Made out of eggplant. I must say, I love the elephant. (BELOW 3) Made out of chilli padi. I love tulips, I just bought some to place in front of my house. What do you think of Hong Yi's series?



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