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Wildlife Paintings

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wildlife Paintings
Artist Tiffany Bozic's "Wildlife" paintings are full of color, and beauty. The self-taught artist showed a wide variety of wildlife paintings in this series. From birds to sea creatures to the animals on dry land. The paintings would look phenomenal if printed on pillows, or even manipulated on an area rug. (ABOVE) The white birds set the tone for this piece. They're pure and add a sense of glamour and serenity to the piece. The dark background allows the different creatures in the foreground to be visible. (BELOW 1) The birds are wonderfully colored. I absolutely love all the texture and movement that Bozic was able to capture. (BELOW 2) This piece is a marriage between the creatures on land and the creatures under the sea. I love how the dark turquoise at the bottom fades into white at the top. It looks like the sea moving into the air. (BELOW 3) You can really see the love the mother bird has for her chick. The stylized nest really adds to the piece. I love the saltwater fish at the bottom! What do you think of Bozic's work? 



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