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Finding The Perfect Desk

(BAD) Blog About Design: Finding The Perfect Desk

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finding The Perfect Desk

(left) Parson Desk w/ drawers: (right) Black Lacquered Desk:

Often times finding the perfect desk can be a difficult decision. While some need lots of storage space others are fine with little to none. Choose a desk that fits your needs. If you are frequently at your desk more storage space is necessary. Don’t be scared to choose a desk with color. Brown and black are not the only colors for a desk. Turquoise,  orange, or yellow can be used as well. When you are searching for the right desk don’t be afraid to buy a smaller dining room table. Dining room tables take away the feeling of a typical desk. Choose a desk that makes a statement. You want your desk to be the focus of your office. A desk that is too small in a large space will not stand out. By making sure the proportion is right, your desk will have a ‘wow’ factor. By choosing the right desk to fit your needs, you will be more productive. Don’t follow rules, just do.

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