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My Three Tips: Window Treatments

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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Three Tips: Window Treatments

Window treatments can be very tricky to find. With so many choices, one can become overwhelmed. Stick to my three tips. 

Tip #1. Don’t Overpower
Windows are essential to a home. Just like humans need a heart to survive, homes need windows. If you add lots of frills, many layers, and too many decorative accessories to your window treatments, then the window itself will be overpowered. Stick to window treatments that are soft, meaning less material around the window. When it comes to window treatments less is always more.

Tip #2. Use Fabric
There are places that venetian blinds and wooden shutters work, however, in a home I prefer using fabric for my window treatments. Fabric makes a gentle yet strong statement, in addition, fabric brings texture into a space. Choose fabric that has a unique pattern and color. A unique pattern and color add an element of surprise to a space. Unlike venetian blinds and wooden shutter, fabric window treatments don’t need to be perfectly measured to fit a window, so they can be constantly updated.
Tip #3. Start From The Top
I cannot stress how important it is that your curtains start at the ceiling and touch the floor. By only having your curtains cover the window you are shrinking the size of your room. If you start your curtains from the ceiling you are making your room appear much larger. 

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