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Castle Design: Château de Pierrefonds

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Castle Design: Château de Pierrefonds
Situated to the north of Paris in the commune of Pierrefonds is the Château de Pierrefonds. It's a gorgeous medieval castle full of architectural details built in the 12th century. During the 19th century the castle underwent a major restoration. (ABOVE) With a thin blanket of snow the castle looks more gorgeous than ever. It has a grand feel, but still feels like a home. The windows are a definite favorite of mine. (BELOW 1) You can really see the front of the castle here. Both the castle and the Vanderbilt's "Biltmore" estate share similar architectural elements. (BELOW 2) A view of the castle from farther back. The castle has many turrets, all of which adds to its medieval look. What do you think of the castle?

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